We love love love the opportunity to share our plant-based aromatherapy products with folk who can really benefit from them. Over the years we have found that our most loyal kindred customers (the ones who have become like friends to us) love to share our products too. In fact, we couldn’t stop them from spreading the word about Kindred Self if we tried, so we have decided to help them out. The Kindred Self Ambassador program may sound a little formal, but that’s exactly what our friends and customers are: kind ambassadors who spread the word about our oily plant goodness that they love and adore so very much.


You are addicted to all things that smell good. You love how you are taken to that special place where kindness, support, healing and love resides every time you smell Kindred Self pure essential oils. Aromatherapy at it's very best!

You feel essential oils are the perfect final layer to absolutely EVERYTHING! You simply can't get enough of our products and completely resonate with our message of locally made, heart crafted, good for you products designed to nurture, balance and inspire self care!

You care about your health and others, and want to help educate as many peeps as possible about the benefits of natural 'therapeutic' oils compared to harmful artificial fragrances. You simply can't live without pure essential oils in your life, and you are keen to learn more!



A SYMBIOTIC relationship...

we offer our ambassadors...

    1. As a Kindred Self Ambassador you will receive a range of free products, plus 30% off the recommended retail price from our shop location for as long as you remain an Ambassador. Plus 20% discount on our ultrasonic diffuser range for personal purchases.
    2. We will provide ongoing mentoring, education and support, sample products and access to new products before they are released 
    3. Periodic Ambassador catch-ups, to connect, share and have some fun as we learn together
    4. Ambassador profile on the Kindred Self website, and access to a private Facebook group for communications and sharing
    5. Guest blog posts on the Kindred Self blog - an opportunity to share your own story, and/or anything health & wellness. (Completely optional and does not have to be essential oil related)
    6. Access to wholesale pricing if you have your own wellness event where you may require  products / gifts / or even to sell the product yourself and make some pocket money (minimum order $150 applies).
    7. There will be little extras for you along the way to show our appreciation for your referrals and the sales generated
    8. You will receive access to the Ambassador section of our website where you can find additional resources to educate yourself further, data sheets, recipes, photos etc.
    9. You will also be given business-card-sized flyers for 15% product discount on any first order to give to your friends and family. We want to make it easy for you to share the products you love and easy for your friends and family to get their hands on some too. Each flyer will contain a unique code and will be valid for a single use.

    what we ask IN RETURN...

    1. We ask that you post a #kindredselfie moment to social media a minimum of four times a month - 48 posts per year. We would love your image to include our wellness products. Here's your chance to get creative... think flat lays, colour combos, textures, using essential oils on the run, at home, at work etc. Don't forget to tag us! (@kindred_self and #kindredselfie #kindredselfambassador ) You are welcome to use any Kindred Self photos too.
    2. Share how you use the products as you learn and discover new uses to keep things as authentic as possible.
    3. Display the Kindred Self Ambassador logo on your website with link back to our shop page. We will supply a range of logo options to work in with your brand.
    4. The 'option' to add "Kindred Self Ambassador" to your social media profile.
    5. Keep an eye out for any potential Kindred Self retailers or local business avenues for workshops - therapy spaces, health studios, shops etc. Offer ideas, feedback, suggestions to help spread the Kindred Self love.
      • You are not currently a 'sales rep' or 'wellness advocate', or affiliated with any other essential oil business. As a Kindred Self Ambassador there are no restrictions around the use of other essential oil brands you wish to openly use. We feel that it is about respecting the oils and magic of aromatherapy and choosing products/brands that resonate with you.
      • You are prepared to be a Kindred Self Ambassador for a minimum of 12 months.
      • You are mindful that global demand and the consumerism push from large MLM companies, combined with climate change could over time result in some rare and precious oils becoming unavailable if we don't act responsibly now. Sustainability is top of mind and another reason you choose to dilute your essential oils and understand that less is more when it comes to the body receiving their therapeutic properties.
      • You remain aligned with the Kindred Self philosophy :
        • You respect and value essential oils and appreciate the immense resource that goes into each little brown bottle
        • Kindred Self is not about selling as many bottles as possible, it's about mindfully using each oil while learning to maximise the individual wellness benefits.
        • Safety, education and acting responsibly remains a high priority
        • When using oils you follow what intuitively feels right for YOU
        • There are no 'hardcore' sales or high pressure marketing strategies here, we simply focus on the precious plant oils and wish to share that magic with others
        • You understand and feel the loving 'invisible hug' when you are around oils
        • You want to feel physically, mentally and emotionally well in your heart, constantly learning and evolving to be the best version of you
        • You are passionate about supporting and aligning yourself with a small heart driven business who is genuine about being authentic and kind. Kind to people, kind to all animals and kind to our one home - Earth.


      If this sounds like you, and you are interested in becoming a Kindred Self Ambassador, then please apply here:

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