We love the opportunity to share our plant-based aromatherapy creations with folk who can really benefit from them. Over the years we have found that our most loyal kindred customers (the ones who have become like friends) love to share our products too. In fact, we couldn’t stop them from spreading the word about Kindred Self if we tried, so the Kindred Self Ambassador program was created.

We are so proud to introduce to you our kind and loyal ambassadors who believe wholeheartedly in our brand and the philosophy behind our products. It is rewarding and encouraging for us to align with like-minded souls who share a genuine love and passion for our unique range of products designed for emotional support.


Counsellor / Currently studying a Bachelor of Social Science

Steph BartletT

Certified Health Coach / Yoga Teacher / Personal Trainer / Raw Food Chef


Certified Health Coach / NLP Practitioner


Naturopathy Student /
Kindred Self Employee


Our Kindred Self Ambassadors...

...are addicted to all things that smell good. They are taken to that special place where kindness, support, healing and love resides every time they smell Kindred Self pure essential oils. Aromatherapy at it's very best!

Our Ambassadors feel that essential oils are the perfect final layer to absolutely EVERYTHING! They simply can't get enough of our products and completely resonate with our message of locally made, heart crafted, good for you products designed to nurture, balance and inspire self care!

Each Ambassador cares about their health and supporting the health journey of others, and they wish to help educate as many people as possible about the multiple benefits and safe use of natural 'therapeutic' oils.