Appointments at Urban Wellness

Our little healing room located within Urban Wellness in Port Adelaide is sunny, cozy and private. The space truly does become a nurturing and safe place from the outside world. It feels like time stops and we are suspended in a little healing bubble together. There really is a beautiful calming energy here, many who visit point this out to us.

Feeling a space is so different to seeing it in a photograph, so if you are considering an appointment with Kyrie, you are welcome to stop by when our little wellness shop is open to check-it-out for yourself!

Pricing & Payment Options

It’s easy to schedule in your own appointment with Kyrie using our online booking portal below.

Payment is only required on the day of your appointment, and can be made at the end of the session. We accept Visa, Mastercard and cash payments.

Initial (90 mins) $132
Follow-up (60 mins) $88
Follow-up (75 mins) $110