Kindred Self Ambassador Bonnie March

Kindred Self - 5 Jetty Street Grange

Counsellor / Currently studying a
Bachelor of Social Science

Wise, resilient, strong. The amazing qualities I immediately saw in Bonnie when we first met in our little Grange shop. Bonnie would stop by as she was returning from her morning walks down the beach, and soon after she became a regular Kindred Self customer.

Bonnie is also a counsellor so we naturally clicked! Within minutes of first meeting, we were deep in conversation about human behaviour, the psyche and all matters of the heart.

I really admire Bonnie’s innate wisdom, intelligence, and her infectious ‘spunk’ for standing up for what’s right (for herself and others). She has inspired me to have a stronger voice and to set some new boundaries for myself.

Bonnie writes a beautiful blog called Learning Life Stuff where she openly discusses topics that take courage and can generally be uncomfortable. Covering the many things that are not discussed in the classroom, like trauma, grief and mental health.

I love the way in which Bonnie has integrated our essential oils into her daily self care practice. She uses our product names as an affirmation for that day, “May I Be Purified”. How lovely!

Learn more about Bonnie and the passionate lifestyle that she leads in the interview that follows below.

Our chat over a pot of tea…

Tell us a little about yourself - about you, what you do, what you are passionate about, what sparks joy, whatever you would like to share:

I'm a counsellor and currently studying a bachelor in social sciences, specialising in mental health and addiction. In other words, I'm a bit of a mental health advocate.

Mental health is something I could talk about until the cows come home (what even is that saying?). I strongly believe that conversations can save lives and the conversation around mental health needs to shift. Stigma is still a very real part of living with a mental health condition. But the more we talk about mental health, share our own stories and listen without judgement to others, the easier it will become for people to seek help and work towards recovery.

Mental health is my jam. And my jelly.

Describe a typical day in your life...

I try to get down the beach for sunrise every morning but don’t let that fool you; I am NOT a morning person. I will watch in awe as the sky over the over turns pink or orange or purple before the morning breaks.

When I get back home I will meditate for at least 15-20 minutes while diffusing a Kindred Self essential oil blend. Because I personally suck at affirmations, I’ll borrow whatever blend I’m using and focus my meditation feeling either nurtured, purified or mindful.

Sunrise walk, meditation and coffee. That is my everyday morning ritual. Then it’s work time; trying to solve all the world’s problems and understanding how welfare systems work, hearing complaints about services and trying to ensure everyone I encounter feels heard and seen.

What does being healthy mean to you?

Health to me is wealth. The only thing that is truly invaluable in this world is time.
The healthier I am the more time I have to be with my loved ones, accomplish my goals and just enjoy this beautiful world.

What are three things you can't live without!?

Nature, love and music.

What is your most favourite wellbeing tip that has been life changing for you?

Get curious! Try all the things and see how you feel. We have so many amazing opportunities for wellbeing in Australia, it is a privilege.
So if you feel like crap, do something different. Tongue scraping, float therapy, acupuncture, organics…whatever works for you!

What do you find most challenging when it comes to your health?

My biggest challenge to my health is my mental health. It is easy to do all the right things and practice self-care when my mindset is in a ‘good place’. But when I begin experiencing anxiety, motivation to eat well, keep exercising and even keep up my person hygiene becomes a challenge. Knowing the signs and also having some quick fixes up my sleeve (e.g. healthy frozen meals, a go-to fave movie) and a bit of a plan to get back on track is the best way I can overcome the obstacles living with anxiety can cause to my health.

Share with us a recommended book or podcast?

The book, Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl changed my life. Well it changed the way I view the world and my own behaviour and that changed my life. Sometimes I wish I could just carry copies around and hand them out to people randomly…or throw them at people who are being horrible.

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”
– Viktor Frankl.

What was the main reason you chose to be a Kindred Self Ambassador?

Kindred Self is aligned with my values of connected-ness and whole-hearted living, I know that can be rare to find in people much rather a business. Supporting Kindred Self as a consumer is easy because I believe and trust the products, the business and the beautiful person behind them. Becoming an ambassador is an honour.

List all the ways you currently use essential oils...

Emotional support, cleaning products, energy clearing and protection, self care / meditation / spiritual practise / yoga, to make a space 'feel' beautiful, as a perfume.

How have essential oils helped you in your life?

Essential oils have given intention to my self care practices. Breath work is an important part of my self care for anxiety and essentials oils became the foundation of it. I diffuse oils during my mediation practice and wear lava stone jewellery so I can breathe in my chosen blend when I need to focus on my breath.

What is your most favourite way to practice self care?

By saying ‘no’. No is the ultimate self care statement.

How do essential oils support your self care practice?

see above :)

Are you sensitive to synthetic fragrance?

Yes, I have psoriasis on my hands and any preservative or synthetic fragrance feels like acid when it comes in contact with my hands! But I don’t miss out on smelling lovely or having beautiful skincare because I use essential oils with a carrier oil like coconut or rosehip. My favourite D.I.Y. hair treatment is argan oil and May I Be Renewed makes my hair smell divine.

Which is your most favourite Kindred Self product and why?

Ohhhh that's hard. I love them all! But if I had to pick a favourite it would be the May I Be Purified Oil Blend. Having the oil means I can diffuse, add to carrier oils and create my own mist and have the negative energy clearing benefits of the blend on hand whenever I need it.

Bonnie's top 4 products...