Kindred Self Ambassador Sheree Lowe

Kindred Self - 5 Jetty Street Grange

Being a lover of a daily coffee, Sheree frequently visits The Cook's Pantry cafe which is situated across the road from Kindred Self in Grange. During a coffee run, Sheree popped over to take a photo of the quote I had written on our green chalkboard, and then she shared it onto her Instagram feed... of course this grabbed my attention and sums up how our paths first crossed! We finally met face to face at Kindred Self one Saturday morning and instantly hit it off. 

Sheree was initially drawn to our 'May I Be Nurtured Blend' and quickly started to incorporate this into her yoga practice by adding a couple drops to her yoga mat every morning. She immediately felt the calming benefits of this blend, and automatically started to sing our praises and share her product experience online and with her peers.

I personally love how Sheree followed her intuition and discovered her own way to incorporate aromatherapy into her daily life. So inspiring!

Sheree leads a full and dynamic work life; she is a health coach and senior manager who creatively integrates wellness into the corporate environment. Her blog and Instagram feed @sheloveshealthyliving attracts a large following of women who are inspired by Sheree's own personal journey of overcoming her weight and body image challenges.

Learn more about Sheree and the healthy lifestyle that she leads in the interview that follows below.

Our chat over a pot of tea…

Tell us a little about yourself - about you, what you do, what you are passionate about, what sparks joy, whatever you would like to share:

A little bit about me.... I'm a very happy wife to my husband Matt and have a gorgeous teenage daughter who is my mini-me and bestie. I love Adelaide and being by the ocean, it's so therapeutic and is simply stunning.

I have a successful career as a Senior Manager of People and Culture for a global business here in Adelaide where we specialise in international development and education programs to change people's lives.

I've had a passion for health and wellbeing since ever since I was a young child when my own weight and body image challenges started. After my own healing journey, I chose to study nutrition and health coaching and now also have my own business where I coach women to live a healthy lifestyle and develop their own self belief. This is wholeheartedly my passion, and I've been very fortunate to also blend this with my corporate role to establish corporate health and well being strategies.

I love life, and being here to support and empower others!

List your favourite things...

The ocean, essential oils, connecting with others, social media/blogging, massages, photography, coffee, brunch, yoga, Pilates and travelling to beautiful places.

Describe a typical day in your life...

It all starts at 5:30am when my alarm goes off for my 6am hot yoga class. I arrive home and have a nourishing breakfast with my family and get ready for work. On my commute, I always stop by my favourite cafe by the ocean for my morning coffee and then drop my daughter off to school
My working day is always diverse, intense and filled with leading and developing others, meetings, connecting, writing reports, presentations or working on new and exciting projects.

I go to Pilates x 2 nights per week and on the other nights, I prepare a healthy meal with my family, have some quality time together and then work on my business where I am collaborating with others, coaching or developing content.

What does being healthy mean to you?

Healthy means taking genuine care of your body and your well-being and also being in a state of feeling well (mind and body).

This looks like eating nourishing whole foods most of the time, drinking lots of clean water, regularly moving your body in a way that you enjoy, being kind to yourself and treating yourself with care, believing in yourself and living in alignment with your values.

It's everything, as it enables us to enjoy and live our best life!

What are three things you can't live without!?

My family, coffee (don't judge) and connection.

What is your most favourite wellbeing tip that has been life changing for you?

Creating a morning ritual! This has been LIFE CHANGING! Starting the day with yoga, my essential oils and mediation has helped me to manage my stress, improve my focus and productivity, and has strengthened my body and mindset.

What do you find most challenging when it comes to your health?

These days, it's really finding the time, especially in the evenings to be consistent with my fitness. My overall health is in a great place, of which I'm very grateful for. I spent many years battling with my weight, being a yoyo dieter and binge eating, and I've worked very hard at overcoming all of that. Mindset and self care + love is everything!

Share with us a recommended book or podcast?

Podcast - The Power of Habit by Brendon Burchard
Book - JSHealth The Healthy Life and Living the Health Life - two well-being and recipe books that changed my life!

What was the main reason you chose to be a Kindred Self Ambassador?

When I met Kyrie, I instantly connected with her and felt so much genuine care and energy from her. The Kindred Self oils are made with the highest quality ingredients and smell divine. I love Kyrie's work and her approach of using oils to support well being, health and empowering other women. I feel very grateful to be a KS Ambassador.

List all the ways you currently use essential oils...

Emotional support, self care / meditation / spiritual practise / yoga, to make a space 'feel' beautiful, as a perfume.

How have essential oils helped you in your life?

They have supported my well-being through yoga and self care practices (bathing, massage, meditation, diffusing). I also use the essential oils to support stress management or to empower me before a big event.

What is your most favourite way to practice self care?

Hot yoga, walking in nature or a massage. Couldn't pick just one :)

How do essential oils support your self care practice?

I fell in love with essential oils a couple of years ago when I started hot yoga. I place a few drops on my hot yoga towel each morning before practice and it feels like I'm at a day spa as I'm doing my flows. I also use then in the bath to relax with some Epsom salts.

Which is your most favourite Kindred Self product and why?

My absolute favourite Kindred Self essential oil if the 'May I Be Nurtured' blend. This is the ultimate self care companion to support my relaxation and well-being. The smell is like you're at a day spa - so nurturing and the lavender fragrance is beautiful.

Sheree's top 4 products...