Kindred Self Ambassador Steph Bartlett

Kindred Self - 5 Jetty Street Grange

Certified Health Coach /
Yoga Teacher / PT


When I think of Steph the first thing that pops into my head is her big beautiful smile. We first met at Plant 4 Bowden market and connected immediately after discovering our obvious similarities -both country kids at heart and many cross-overs with our work. After about 2 hours of constant chatter, I was signed up to be a guest presenter at one of her yoga retreats!

Being a raw food chef, Steph was initially interested in our certified organic single plant oils like peppermint, orange and lemon to use as food flavourings... But curiosity for the Kindred Self range of products quickly grew as she experienced first hand how they can also support her in her own caring and supportive role as a Health Coach and Yoga Teacher.

Steph has a friendly and vibrant personality and loves to share her days and antics via the Instagram 'story' feature. She also loves to write and authenticly shares her own life experience on her blog at

Juggling health coaching, yoga classes, personal training and managing life, Steph also finds time to diversify her business - her latest creation is a unique yoga program developed especially for primary and secondary schools.

Be inspired and learn about Steph and the healthy lifestyle that she leads in the interview that follows below.

An interview...

Tell us a little about yourself - about you, what you do, what you are passionate about, what sparks joy, whatever you would like to share:

I am super passionate about helping people to fully embrace who they are! As a teenager, I had low self esteem, suffered anxiety and went to some pretty dark places. Through learning how to nourish myself with healthy food, move my body in a loving way and connect with myself more through yoga, I've been able to embrace those parts of me I used to push aside. I've also learnt so many tools to help manage anxiety. If only I knew then what I know now! That's why I love teaching my School Yoga Program at schools and Health Coaching people. I want to see people fully embrace who they are and look after themselves in a healthy, loving way. Once that happens, there's no holding back - people can really get out there and live life to the fullest!

List your favourite things...

I love getting out in nature (I grew up on farm). I love flowers, music, crystals, hiking, sunshine and have this little thing with feathers too. I love feathers, hence why I have one in my business logo. They're beautiful and I suppose I see a connection with them helping people spread their wings and fly.

I love to write. Writing is my one of my creative outlets. I love life, and being here to support and empower others!

Describe a typical day in your life...

Every day is different in my world! Mornings are my favourite time of day. I love to get up early and have time to myself to enjoy a cup of tea, make a delicious breakfast, go for a walk and then get ready for the day.

What does being healthy mean to you?

Not being extreme. I believe in the 80/20 approach. It's about eating fresh, vibrant foods so you can feel fresh and vibrant too and enjoying little treats here and there. It's about moving your body in a way that you enjoy too, and moving it in a loving way (too many people try and smash their body in workouts that they don't enjoy... and do it because they hate their body!). It's about including social connection, and time alone. Health to me is all about the body, mind and soul. It's all connected.

What are three things you can't live without!?

Sunshine. Nature. Kindred Self May I be Nurtured Pulse Rollers in my handbag!

What is your most favourite wellbeing tip that has been life changing for you?

Inject more JOY into your life. When people are happy and enjoying life, they tend to move their body more, have less stress, feel good about themselves, eat better... it has such a flow on effect!

What do you find most challenging when it comes to your health?

Winter. I don't do well with the cold. I find it challenging without as much sunshine and not getting outdoors in nature as much. I certainly go into hibernation mode in winter. Everything slows down and I don't move as much; which considering the cycles we go through... it's not exactly a bad thing to adjust with the seasons; however I do find it effects my mood and energy. An escape to somewhere warm for a week or two in winter, works magic!

Share with us a recommended book or podcast?

Podcast - Lewis Howes. The School of Greatness.

What was the main reason you chose to be a Kindred Self Ambassador?

I've had Kyrie present at one of my Health Retreats. Her products are divine and I love supporting small business.

List all the ways you currently use essential oils...

Emotional support, personal products, energy clearing and protection, food flavouring, self care / meditation / spiritual practise / yoga, to make a space 'feel' beautiful, as a perfume.

How have essential oils helped you in your life?

I love how essential oils create such a beautiful atmosphere and feeling in a room.  Having the diffuser going in a room is like a great big, comforting hug.  I love that you can use different essential oils in the diffuser depending on the feeling you want to create.

What is your most favourite way to practice self care?

Sitting in my backyard in the sunshine after lunch for a meditation. The energetic grounding by sitting on the grass, the sunshine on my skin, the stillness and connection with my breath... it's like a complete reset.

How do essential oils support your self care practice?

I love having my diffuser going with what ever essential oil I feel will best support me at that point in time.

Which is your most favourite Kindred Self product and why?

I love May I Be Purified Space mist. I love to spray it in the yoga class room before a class, and at the end as everyone is laying in savasana. It’s so earthy and grounding.  It always has people talking and asking questions about it at the end of a class. 

STEPH's top 4 PRODUCTs...