Kyrie Kohlhagen - Counsellor & Aromatherapist in training.

Kyrie Kohlhagen - Counsellor & Aromatherapist in training.

"I'm sorry, the test results indicate it is Breast Cancer... here, hold this close while we talk about your options"

I was handed a tissue that contained a few drops of pure Lavender essential oil. In my shocked state I willingly took the tissue. My amazing specialist introduced me to essential oils to help support me during the initial shock of diagnosis, and the emotional turmoil that was to follow. That was 15 years ago, I was only 30. My first true personal experience of the power of essential oils, what a blessing this was.

Fast forward 12 years, after completing my formal counselling studies, I reflected on my experience of using essential oils for emotional support, and all of a sudden the links between counselling and aromatherapy seemed so obvious to me. So in a very organic way the Kindred Self product range for self care came to be.

After hours of research and developing the Kindred Self range of essential oil products, it made sense to continue with formal study to become a qualified/certified Aromatherapist as well! 

I feel essential oils are the perfect final layer to absolutely EVERYTHING! I care about my health and the health of others, and want to help educate as many people as possible about the benefits and safe use of natural 'therapeutic' oils, and to raise awareness about toxic synthetic fragrances. 

As I inhale, I love how I am taken to the place where kindness, healing and love resides. Aromatherapy at its very best!

- Kyrie Kohlhagen


Kindred Self Philosophy

  • Kindred Self is not about selling as many bottles as possible, it's about mindfully using each oil while learning to maximise the individual wellness benefits

  • There are no 'hardcore' sales or high pressure marketing strategies here, we simply focus on the precious plant oils and wish to share that magic with others

  • We are passionate about supporting and aligning ourself with small heart driven suppliers who are genuine about being authentic and kind. Kind to people, kind to all animals and kind to our one home - Earth

  • We respect and value essential oils and appreciate the immense resource that goes into each little brown bottle

  • We believe that less is more when it comes to the body receiving their therapeutic properties

  • To simplify the use of essential oils as much as possible to reduce overwhelm and waste

  • Kindred Self is open to the use of other essential oil brands - we feel that it is about respecting the oils and magic of aromatherapy and choosing products/brands that resonate with you.

Kindred Self Mission

  • To provide a product that offers the highest quality, consistency and transparency

  • To guide, educate and support others on their own oil journey working towards using products intuitively, honouring what feels right for each individual. Education, safe use and acting responsibly will always remain a high priority

  • We wish for people to feel physically, mentally and emotionally well, constantly learning and evolving to be the best version of you

  • We are mindful that climate change and the increased global demand driven by large sales companies could over time result in some precious oils becoming rare or unavailable if we don't act responsibly now. Sustainability is top of mind and one reason why we encourage diluting essential oils to make them go further and to simplify the home kit keeping it replenished with oils you will actually use.