Bambu Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser

Bambu Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser



→ Simple design to suit most interior styles with glass or bamboo lid option
→ Room Coverage 15m2
→ Constant Mist Operation (Approx. 8 Hours)
→ Intermittent Mist Operation Option (Approx. 16 hours)
→ Mist Output 20 ml/hour with 150ml water well.
→ LED Multicolour Nightlight: Selectable light colours or transitional colours
→ Push button On/Off Activation & Auto Shutdown


→ Body Material: Bamboo
→ Power 12W / DC 24v
→ 12 Month Warranty
→ Water Jug Included

Bambu is delivered to you boxed with instructions, a water jug and 12 month warranty.

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Your room will be gently bathed with a microscopic mist containing the subtle scent of your favourite Kindred Self essential oils, filling the room with the power of plants helping to lift, balance or calm you to the core.

With no heating or chemicals, and a built-in auto shutdown feature, Bambu is also the ideal companion for use around children and the elderly at night to aid in a restful sleep or to ease respiratory issues. It operates quietly (almost silently) in the background, then switches itself off when it runs out of water.

Living in the driest continent on the planet, the additional moisture the diffuser gently pushes into the air is also a welcome guest. The extra hydration in the room can help to balance dry skin in winter when you have those heaters running, and also in summer when the heat is on.

The night light feature can be set to a specific colour, transitional colours, or turned off altogether. Bambu comes with an optional glass lid (not pictured) for when you want to add a little extra glow of coloured light to your space.

Our supply partner Alcyon™ is Australia's leading manufacturer and supplier of Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffusers.