May You Feel Loved – Boxed Greeting Cards

May You Feel Loved – Boxed Greeting Cards


Our "May you feel Loved" card range is the perfect touch for every occasion. We love the old fashioned gesture of mailing someone a greeting card. It puts a smile on our face to think of the excitement that bubbles up for people upon receiving a surprise card in their letterbox. Hand written, sealed with love and delivered straight from the post man - this act alone demonstrates that you truly care.

Texting and communicating on social media has become a popular way to keep in touch, however the gesture is impersonal and too instant to convey true care in delivering a message. We strive to bring back snail mail and random acts of kindness - so this box of 10 cards is perfect to get you started!

- Size: 122 x 173mm
- 10 blank cards + envelopes
- Digitally printed in Adelaide
- Smooth 350gsm recycled paper
- Includes 5 colours (2 of each) Kindred Green, Duck Blue, Black, Chalkboard and Dusty Pink

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