Lava + Sunstone Leather Wrap Diffuser Bracelet

Lava + Sunstone Leather Wrap Diffuser Bracelet


A beautiful design collaboration between Oak Handmade and Kindred Self - introducing our Mix+Stack range of diffuser bracelets.

This design features Sunstone to promote a warm and positive mindset paired with grounding white lava stone. The naturally porous nature of lava stone makes it the perfect medium for diffusing pure essential oils.

- 3 White Lava Stones
- 5 Sunstone Gems (Matt Finish)
- Rose Gold Detail
- Adjustable Tan Leather Strap
- Instruction Card & Cloth Bag
- Handmade in Canada by Oak Handmade

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Tan Leather
Sunstone + White Lava
Rose Gold Detail


To use simply apply a drop of your favourite Kindred Self pure essential oil directly to the Lava Stone beads and wait a few minutes for the oil to absorb before wearing. Top up as required.

It's an easy way to have your favourite natural fragrance with you wherever you go!