D.I.Y. Amber Mist Bottle

D.I.Y. Amber Mist Bottle


Pure essential oils are an effective way to bring some peace and balance to your day. Mists are so fresh and convenient - it's like having your own personal ultrasonic diffuser with you while on the run.

This amber PET bottle is reusable and comes in two sizes, 100ml or 200ml and includes instructions on how to make aromatic mists yourself.

Spray as needed above your head and allow the cool refreshing and calming mist float down over you. Take a deep breath, inhale the scent and let the plants do their work. You will instantly feel revived, refreshed and supported to continue your day.

You can also use mists to clear energy and freshen up a room. Handy size to pop in the bag - you won't want to leave home without it!!

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