Diffuser + Single Oil Bundle

Diffuser + Single Oil Bundle

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In moments of feeling stressed, anxious or depleted, Kindred Self pure essential oil blends help to gently transport you to your place of inspiration, balance and calm… and teamed with a beautiful essential oil, this could be the most perfect gift!

This gift bundle includes:

→ Your choice of Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser (SOL, Bambu or Passo)
→ Your choice of Pure Essential Oil Blend
→ Essential Oil Blend Guide

Oil Blend:
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Experience an Invisible Hug of Pure Essential Oils

Teamed with a beautiful essential oil, this could be the most perfect gift... our range of ultrasonic diffusers are perfect for home or work spaces - yoga, meditation, therapies, retail, waiting rooms, boutique accommodation, workshops etc. You, your friends, family and clients will be embraced by an invisible hug as they enter your space. What a welcome!

Just add 3-6 drops of your favourite Kindred Self essential oils to transform your surroundings into a place of balance and calm.

Our supply partner Alcyon™ is Australia's leading manufacturer and supplier of Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffusers.

Handle with Love & Care

Pure essential oils are highly concentrated, only sparing use is required to enjoy their full healing properties. For topical use we recommend dilution with a vegetable or nut oil first to prevent possible skin irritation. It is not advised to ingest oils or use during pregnancy unless under the care of a qualified Aromatherapist.

Product Authenticity

Kindred Self essential oil blends are made from single origin pure authentic plant oils. They do not contain additives, alcohol, synthetic fragrance, parabens or dyes. Only the purest plant oils we can source. It's our hand on heart promise!