"I initially began seeing Kyrie regarding the loss of contact with my family. I was not in a good place emotionally and bore guilt and hatred, something I didn’t want in my life anymore. Through working with Kyrie on the initial issue I found myself able to finally feel at peace with my decisions and let go of the hatred. I found myself stronger and happier. I began to work on myself which is where I got so much personal growth. I couldn’t ever put my needs ahead of anyone in my family or work. I worried constantly about my children and their wellbeing and happiness. I had no time for me, which essentially ended up weighing me down. Kyrie sets a really supportive space, one where you feel you can address, discuss and release those areas that usually stay hidden. Since working with Kyrie my initial issue is no longer a problem in my life, which has set in motion so many personal changes. My self-worth as a person is my greatest gift to myself since this healing began and I cannot personally thank Kyrie enough."

– Brooke, Andrews Farm


"Having always been a people pleaser, I'd noticed myself changing and felt a little stuck about how to handle this – so I decided to talk to Kyrie. She was warm and accepting, suggesting practical techniques to use. The message I took away from our time, was to be kind and respectful to not only myself, but those around me who may not understand what I'm going through. Some people just 'get' people and Kyrie is one of them - giving you permission to just 'be'. She is a beautiful, positive soul that radiates strength and authenticity - while offering a safe, non judgemental place to explore your being. THANK YOU, Kyrie!"

– Paige, Welland

"From the first session I knew Kyrie was going to be the person to help me. She is like talking to a long term caring friend, only in a very professional manner. She listens and offers great insight and different perspectives. Although I personally have a long way to go, Kyrie is teaching me ways to relax my mind and change negative thoughts into positive ones. I highly recommend her."

– Laura, Rosewater

"This is not something I've done before or thought I needed, however I was very relaxed and at ease with Kyrie. I would certainly recommend and see her again."

– Nicole, Barossa Valley

"Kyrie has a wonderful way of making you feel relaxed and at ease. She is compassionate, wise and finds such positive insights in the most negative situations. She made me feel brave just by stepping through the door."

– Heather, Semaphore


"Kyrie from Kindred Self is such a warm and compassionate person. She made me feel comfortable and totally at ease to be able to express myself in a nurturing and professional environment. My counselling session resulted in me feeling so much clearer, calmer and focused. Counselling is now a regular part of my life."

– Chantell, Semaphore


"Having great personal support is the key to creating success within business and everyday life. My monthly session with Kyrie forms an essential part of my personal support structure. She receives her clients with warmth, empathy and a profoundly positive regard. I always leave feeling nourished and empowered. I recommend her service very highly."

– Asha, Rosewater