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It's all about being kind to yourself. A beautiful collection of pure essential oils and heart crafted creations designed to nurture, balance and inspire self care.


Emotional Wellness

Kindred Self is a welcoming and supportive environment designed to help you to feel comfortable to share your story. Folk leave our nurturing space feeling lighter and empowered; the healing process begins the moment you step through the green door!

Wellness Products

Our curated range of pure essential oils and heart crafted products are composed to nurture, balance & inspire self care. Handmade in Port Adelaide using natural and authentic ingredients, Kindred Self products are designed to support emotional & physical healing. 


Urban Wellness

Urban Wellness is our co-working and workshop space where human health and life balance is prioritised. It’s a place of sharing knowledge, where people can feel authentically supported and empowered to make informed decisions about their health and wellbeing.


New to the Apothecary…


Oil Education

There's so much information floating around out there about essential oils and this can definitely create overwhelm! So to cut through the sales and marketing noise we have compiled this comprehensive page to provide a reference point for additional research.