‘Tending to your Kindred Self’
Workshop Feedback

Thank you for taking a moment in your day to offer some feedback about your recent Kindred Self workshop. Your feedback will help me to keep improving our workshop modules, so please do let us know if there was something that didn't quite tick all the boxes! And you don’t need to share your name if you prefer to remain anonymous with your answers. Sending you a big 'hand-on-heart' thank you for your time.

Workshop Format
Workshop Format
You were satisfied with the length and pace of the workshop...
You feel like the content of the workshop met all of your expectations...
You were happy with the group size...
There was a good balance between theory and hands-on product interaction...
Do you feel there was too much information?
Do you feel there was too little information?
The handouts / workshop notes were helpful and add value and will be kept for future reference?
The workshop facilitator (Kyrie) understood the subject and presented in a way that was engaging and easy to understand?
The venue for the workshop was appropriate?