Certified Organic Orange Oil

Certified Organic Orange Oil


We describe sweet orange oil as pure joy in a bottle! Well-known for being uplifting and stress-reducing, orange oil simultaneously carries cheerful and calming properties. It’s an ideal mood enhancer and relaxant in one. The appealing fresh aroma makes it a smart choice for diffusing in group settings. A powerful and versatile oil, yet gentle enough to use in blends for children. Kids just love the sweet scent of orange!

On a physical level orange oil can promote detoxification. This action has a positive effect assisting the body both during times of wellness as well as during flu season. Orange oil, can also support digestion, ease nausea and stomach tension.

Around the home, orange oil can be used as a powerful grease cutter, cleaning agent and deodorizer, making it a valuable addition to your essential oil home kit.

- Sweet Orange Citrus sinensis
- 10ml amber glass bottle with dripulator / 240 drops
- Australian Certified Organic

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+ Respiratory support
+ Soothing allergies & sinus congestion
+ Clearing mucus and congestion
+ Helping to clear infections
+ Calming inflammation
+ Supporting digestion
+ Easing nausea
+ Blends for children
+ Feeling relaxed or uplifted
+ Natural cleaning blends


Botanical: Citrus sinensis
Origin: Grown in Mexico
Extraction: Cold Pressed
Plant Part: Orange Peel
Quality: Certified Organic
Colour: Golden Yellow
Note: Top


Safe for children? Yes
Safe for pregnancy? Yes
Safe for breastfeeding? Yes
Safe for dogs? Yes
Safe for cats? No




Fresh, fruity, tangy, bright, refreshing, relaxing, warm, radiant, citrusy, joyful.


Clary Sage, Peppermint, Lemon, Lavender, Rose, Sandalwood, Myrrh, Rosemary, Frankincense, Geranium, Petitgrain.


Sweet orange essential oil is not photo-toxic, but it can be sensitising to the skin if it’s oxidised.

Citrus trees can be heavily sprayed with pesticides, which can be transferred to the essential oil during the cold pressing process. We recommend buying sweet orange oil produced from organically grown and certified fruit.

* We always recommend diluting pure essential oils with a vegetable or nut oil before applying to the skin.



Kindred Self single plant essential oils are sourced from single origin plantations and where indicated, certified organic. They do not contain additives, alcohol, synthetic fragrance, parabens or dyes. Only the purest plant oils we can source. It's our hand on heart promise!

Kindred Self oils are GC/MS tested (Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry) for purity from an independent Australian laboratory. Certificate of Analysis and ACO certification details can be supplied upon request.