How I Landed Here


I have been described as a healthy tree hugging hipster, creative, motivated, dynamic, quirky, nurturing and resourceful! Seriously, that’s a lot to live up to… one thing I’m certain of, I’m still a work-in-progress; and yeah I suppose there is a bit of tree hugging hipster-ness in my life!

But putting all ‘labels’ aside, and cutting through any other perceptions, deep down I’m just a 40 (something) year old girl whose core value in life is to feel fully connected – connected to all living things – people, animals, nature and myself.

Kindred Self is my way to nourish my core value each and every day. I love to share stories, tender moments and support people who are needing a little nurturing and kindness in their life. And I have a lot of that to give!


My path to Kindred Self began about 6 years ago when I first felt a strong sense that one day I would to do some kind of healing work. Then a year or so later when travelling and staying at a Yoga and Meditation retreat in Cambodia, I was introduced to Transpersonal Counselling. The seed was planted and now I find myself working in this field 4 years later.

I have spent the past 20 years working in corporate and design industries, but have since realised that this kind of work really depletes me emotionally, and ultimately effects my health.

I have now found something that has purpose, is heartfelt and supports me at my core! I can sit alongside multiple individuals in one day, truly hold a nurturing and supportive space for them, and feel absolutely invigorated afterwards. And that energy is felt by my clients.


KINDRED represents to me the connection and resonance we can feel with others – this totally tickles me on the inside.
SELF is a reminder that I am the most valuable thing that I have. Worded differently, self = YOU are the most valuable thing that you have!


People choose massage for ongoing maintenance of the body, I believe counselling is similar, but instead a gentle massage for the heart and mind! By maintaining a good balance between mind, body and heart, we can purposely give any situation in life the best we possibly can.

My goal is to remove any stigma associated with having counselling, and to challenge the thought that counselling is just something we look to do when life gets tricky. Imagine the amazing growth and insight we could personally achieve when we are not clouded by our suffering!

Let’s all be the best version of ourselves! Yes please!