Kindred Poem


Late last year I was playing with the idea of using the word Kindred in my business name. Then at the Full Moon Farm Gate in December, local author and poet Mark Niehus was creating on the spot poetry when given a simple word for inspiration. So of course I asked Mark if he would write a poem with ‘Kindred’ in mind! This is the poem Mark created for me…

There is an invisible thread,
a fine cord
tangled in every heart.

It knows what it needs.
It knows what the heart needs to do
to give its length
a way past the cage

And as we speak
the clean sharp words
Sharing the knotted silhouette of our love –
the threads connect.

– Mark Niehus 6-12-14

I love the idea that we are all connected heart to heart by an invisible fine cord. ‘Kindred’ represents to me the deep connections and resonance we can feel with others.