Creative Director - Enough Studio

Motivated, dynamic, considerate, passionate, a forward thinker - that’s how I describe Lisa Nguyen

When Lisa and I first hooked up over a haircut and colour, I discovered we are completely on the same page when it comes to reducing chemicals to lower the toxic load on our bodies.

Working in the hair industry for over 15 years, Lisa experienced first hand a variety of health issues as a result of the continuous exposure to the many toxins and chemicals found in conventional hair care products. Painful skin sensitivities and dermatitis eventually became the driver to establish Adelaide's first eco-wellness hair salon Enough Studio!

Don’t you just love the name Enough Studio!

Lisa’s passion for sustainability, the environment and her own well-being inspired her to create a business that ensures her health and the health of her clients remains a priority.

I am highly sensitive to chemicals, especially synthetic fragrances, so I’m grateful to find a hairdresser who completely understands me, not just my hair!

The experience of a cut and colour at Enough Studio is actually enjoyable! I don’t end up with a burning or itchy scalp, or a headache from being exposed to a plethora of strong artificial fragrances. Thank you Lisa, for putting sustainability, wellness and our planet first.

Learn more about the low-tox and healthy lifestyle that Lisa leads in the interview that follows below, or visit Enough Studio at 298 - 300 Unley Road, Hyde Park.

Our chat while sipping a cup of Enough Studio’s herbal tea…

Briefly describe a typical day in your life…

A typical day starts around 7am waking up and going for a walk with my partner Hien and our viszla Dash, before grabbing a coffee on the way home to answer some emails and get ready for work. Depending on what time my first client arrives, I like to come in earlier and do a quick check of the studio before settling in for the day.

I take the business of self care seriously and know how important it can be for a client who is typically time poor and looking to maximise this time to themselves. That is why it’s really important for me to give my clients the best possible one-on-one experience as possible. I am very fortunate to have a partner that is able to work from home and loves to cook, so by the time I get home most days (around 7pm), dinner is served!

What does being healthy mean to you?

Being healthy different for different people. I believe being healthy means finding my own balance of physical, emotional, intellectual and social needs.

What are three things you can't live without!?

Nature, family and coffee!

What is your most favourite wellbeing tip that has been life changing for you?

Invest time in relationships. It’s important to take a break and connect with people, relationships are so important to your mental health. Get in touch with people who you trust or feel good around, and do things with them. Spending time with family or friends can make a big difference in how you feel.

What do you find most challenging when it comes to your health?

I find it very challenging to eat and move consistently with the day-to-day responsibilities of running my business! It’s hard to find time to move even though I know being physically active can improve my mood and reduce stress. I now dedicate my days away from the studio to doing a yoga class or hike with a friend.

What is your most favourite way to practice self care?

To eat nourishing foods and take a yoga class, I always feel good after a yoga class. It’s very nice to still the mind.

What is your main inspiration behind creating your business Enough Studio?

The idea for the studio was born after many years of suffering painful chemical irritations and dermatitis on my hands as a hairdresser. I realised there was a huge problem in the industry - I didn't feel comfortable using products that contained ingredients that were both toxic and harmful to both customer and hairstylist. It took a toll on my health, and I came close to leaving the industry after some terrible reactions to the products I had to use in the salon. I started researching alternatives and realised there was an opportunity to combine my passions for yoga, wellness and hair into a clean space - and ENOUGH was born.

Why is a low-tox / chemical free lifestyle important to you?

I want to make better choices for my health and the health of the planet, putting it first. Although, I can’t totally avoid toxins, this is impossible as they are literally everywhere; but there are ways I can reduce my exposure. Not working with conventional hair products has proved to me that there can only be good things that can come from choosing a low-tox life.

Your favourite Kindred Self product and why?

The ‘May I Be Nurtured’ pulse point roller, when I’m feeling overwhelmed I roll the oil onto my wrists and breathe it in, and almost instantly I feel lighter and safe. I have also been using it as a perfume!!

Find the Kindred Self low-tox wellness range on the shelves at Enough Studio alongside other amazing chemical free products…